Core Value – Respect

Our Core Value this week is RESPECT.

We will be learning more about this in assemblies and lessons this week.

Please ask us how we’ve been extra respectful this week.

We will share some updates on the website later in the week.

Upper Site After School Club Cancellations

Due to parents evening the following after school clubs have been cancelled:

Gymnastics on Monday
All PE clubs are finished until Easter
All Year 6 Numeracy clubs

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

After School Club Cancellations

‘Due to Parents’ Evening next week at Lower Site the After School Clubs will be cancelled on Tuesday and Thursday 20th and 22nd March. Mathletics and Bake Off Club.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Beamish Visit

Year 6 are off to enjoy their trip to Beamish Museum today. We have seen some great period costumes from staff and students. Following on from International Women’s Day, Shayla-Grace has chosen to come as a 20th Century Suffragette.

We hope they enjoy their day and get a lot from the visit.

Akzonobel Visit

Last week, five lucky students were selected to spend the day at Akzonobel.
Akzonobel (Ashington) is the worlds most advanced and sustainable paint plant in the world. It is the new center of production for Dulux, the UK’s leading decorative paint brand. It also home to the Dulux Academy and training center.
Our children spent the day making mood boards and sharing ideas for improvements to some of our work spaces at Central Primary. Their ideas have now been sent to Akzonoel’s design team who will use the ideas to put a plan together before coming back after Easter to bring their ideas to life.
They were also lucky enough to create their own paintings on canvas using a black background and coloured paint swirls. Once they’d dried they used special 3D glasses to see how some colours came out more than others. They learned about the different wavelengths of colours and how this is the reason why certain colours are used for different things such as red for stop signs.
We can’t wait to see what the classrooms and halls look like when Aksonobel come back to decorate!
Have a look through the pictures to see how we got on.

Year 1 Hula Hoop Festival

Year 1 Hula Hoop Festival

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Year 1 are attending a Hula Hoop festival at Ashington Leisure Centre on Tuesday 13th March from 9.30-11.30. We need parent volunteers. Please inform your child’s teacher by Friday 9th March if you are able to come along.

Thank You.

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Stay Safe

Tying in with the Core Value for this week…
Local railway safety information;
Parents should be aware that the railway tracks in Ashington are going to be put back into use. Up to 20 freight trains will be using the tracks each day and not all of Ashington’s crossings have barriers or lights. As a school, we want the children to be informed and safe around the area. We have put on Assemblies about railway safety to the children but would appreciate parent’s support in reinforcing this with the children. Children should be reminded not to play on the tracks and that if they aren’t with an adult, they should use the crossing by Green Lane which is manned and has a barrier.
Thank you for your support.

Core Value

This week. we are focusing on SAFE. We will be learning about how to keep ourselves safe.

Throughout the week, we will update you on what we have been doing.