Home/School Diaries

We have been really impressed yet again with the quality of work in Home/School Diaries! The children have received 5 dojos each.

Congratulations to Calum and Bethany, both 5 Red, for their incredibly imaginative work. Bethany wrote a story and Calum produced a play script. Both pieces of work will be displayed in the office.

Home/School Diaries

The following story is by Amy, 5G

The Barkies’ Adventures

Let’s meet the Barkies. The Barkies are bark people who live on trees. Barkies come to life in the moonlight. There are mum and dad Barkie, Bluebell and Blade Barkie and Buzz the baby.

The Barkie people are made out of bark from the trees. They have twigs for arms and legs and leaves for hands. They live on a tree in Elm Wood. Their arch enemies are the Mushroom people.

The Barkies have lots of adventures, mainly trying to escape the Mushroom people who try to take over their tree.


Home/School Diaries

The following work is by Callum, 3B

Friday 20th January 2017

Dear Diary,

After school I got dressed, then I went to Brewsters and took Jeffrey in with me. When we got there I took my shoes off and went in. After, I made new friends and played in the soft play.

We had dinner with nana and mam and I had chips and mayo. For a drink I had apple juice. We left and went to Asda and mam got groceries and I got a Mr Bean DVD. Then we went home.


Saturday 21st January 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I went to the pet shop to see the lizards and fish. One lizard was trying to get out and was funny! I made a video for Show and Tell.


Sunday 22nd January 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I went shopping with nana. I got a toy snake. I played on my play station most of the day. My Sunday lunch was really nice.

Home/School Diaries

A huge well done to the following children, who returned their home/school diaries this morning:

Callum, 3B

Amy, 5G

Tyler, 5R

Robyn, 4R

Shae, 5B

Emma, 5B

Jack, 5G

Gracie, 3G

Kaydon, 3G

David, 3G

Cayden, 3G

Paige, 5R

Lucy, 5R

Ellie, 4P

Aaron, 3G

Ryan, 5R

Ruby, 5G

Justin, 3B

Ryan, 5R

All the children received 5 dojos, and I really enjoyed reading their writing. There were diary entries, game reviews and stories covering a range of genres. It was tough to make a decision this week as it was all fantastic, but two children have been voted as having the most entertaining writing. They will have the chance to read their work during assembly this week. Their work will also be on the website and in a special writing book.

Congratulations to Callum in 3B and Amy in 5G!

Callum wrote not just one diary entry, but three! One on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What dedication!

Amy wrote the opener to a very imaginative story which I hope she continues next week!

Well done everyone, your books will be handed out again on Friday. Your teachers can’t wait to read the writing you complete over the weekend.

Miss Pink 🙂