Autumn Term

Within Nursery we incorporate your child’s interests to inform our planning and curriculum. We use loose topic bases as a stimulus focus which fit with children’s development at certain parts of the year. This term we will be focusing on the topic basis ‘All about me’.

We will be incorporating some of the special festivals into adult lead activities and creating the opportunities for your child to partake in these activities. These topics are used as a stimulus to learning; we also follow your child’s interests and incorporate this into their learning.


This term, we will read a range of stories and talk about them. We will also sing lots of different Nursery Rhymes and songs.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Read stories to your child and encourage them to talk about them.
  • Sing songs and Nursery Rhymes with your child, encouraging them to join in and even fill in the missing word at the end of a known rhyme


We will be learning to recite numbers in order up to 5, to touch count up to 3 objects and to begin to recognise the shapes square and circle.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Help them to look for shapes in their home and in their environment.
  • Count toys or objects with your child when playing or tidying away.

Communication and Language

We will be developing speaking and listening skills both through circle times and adult – led activities. We will play language games and create opportunities for children to use their language skills when playing with small world and role play toys.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Play with cars, trains, dinosaurs or dolls etc, making up stories as you play.
  • Talk to your child about their day at Nursery using pictures they have brought home or ‘Ask me about stickers’ as a prompts.

Knowledge of the World

We will learn about the different festivals and celebrations that happen in Autumn, such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas! We will also be learning about our families, drawing family portraits and looking at relationships within famous television families such as Peppa Pig’s family.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Talk to your child about leaves changing colour, conkers and acorns, animals hibernating and other signs of Autumn.
  • Look at family photographs together and talk about members of the family and their relationship to your child.

Personal, Social and Emotional

This term we will be concentrating on settling into Nursery, learning all of the new rules and routines and making new friends.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Help them to develop their independence by encouraging them to put on and take off their socks, shoes and coats.
  • Play turn taking games with your child.

Physical Development

This term we will be learning how to use all of the equipment in the hall and getting ready for PE lessons independently. All of the children will be learning to hold a pencil and pair of scissors correctly and use them with control to write letters and cut out objects.

To help your child at home you could:

  • Practise holding a pencil correctly.
  • Practice using children’s scissors to cut out.

Expressive Arts and Design

This term we will be looking at different ways that the children can use their imaginations. They will have access to a range of art materials, musical instruments and movement lessons.

To help your child at home, you could:

  • Encourage them to dance and move to music.
  • Encourage your child to construct with a range of different materials e.g Lego bricks, blocks or junk model materials

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