There are 42 main sounds of the English language.  Phonics is the way we teach children to identify and say these sounds so they are able to look at a letter or group of letters and know the sound they make when spoken or hear a word and be able to work out how it is spelt.

At Central we use Jolly Phonics as a way to deliver the Letters and Sounds programme. Jolly Phonics is a systematic programme which links songs and actions to sounds. It guides them through the stages of hearing and writing sounds, blending sounds to read and segmenting sounds to spell.


Our reading scheme is loosely based on the Cliff Moon system. Books are banded into stages of increasing difficulty and the children work through these bands. The benefit of this system is that the children can choose from a range of real books, fiction and non-fiction. They can choose books that appeal to their interests and read books by favourite authors. This leads to a real enjoyment and enthusiasm for reading and a sense of achievement.

Learning at home

To find out how to help your child with phonics at home, go over to our learning at home page under “Parents”, or click one of the links below:

Key Stage 1 Phonics

Key Stage 2 Phonics