Term 1 Key features of a diary
Writing a persuasive letter
Writing instructions
Key features of explanation texts?
When to use “a” or “an”
Using subordinate clauses
Term 2 Poetry including narrative

Dilemma stories
Using prefixes
Using time connectives

Term 3 Writing legends

Historican narrative
Importance of proof reading


Term 1 Place value
Addition and subtraction
Shape and data
Multiplication and division
Place value, addition and subtraction
Division and fractions
Term 2 Place value, fractions and decimals
Addition, subtraction and money
Addition and subtraction
Measurement and data
Fractions and decimals
Time, timetables and coordinates
Multiplication and division
Term 3 Place value
Addition and subtraction
Area, perimeter and coordinates
Fractions and decimals
Fractions, decimals and length
Multiplication and division
Shape, symmetry and angles
Time and graphs
Fractions, decimals and division
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


Term 1 Digestive system – describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans
Identify different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.
Term 2 Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.

Living things and their habitat. Animals including humans.

States of matter.

Term 3 Electricity.


Term 1 Learn about Ancient and Modern Greece.
Term 2 Name and locate oceans and describe features of them.

Describe and understand aspects of human geography.

Term 3 Use maps, atlases and globes to locate parts of England controlled by the Anglo Saxons


Term 1 Understand why the Ancient Greeks were so powerful.
Term 2 Learn why the HMS Challenger is considered so important.
Term 3 Learn about Anglo Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms.


Term 1 Draw, paint and sculpt Ancient Greek artefacts.
Term 2 Draw from close observation to capture fine details.
Term 3 Anglo Saxon Art.

Design and Technology

Term 1 Design and create a shield.
Term 2 Investigate submarines.
Term 3 Prepare and cook for an Anglo Saxon

Physical Education

Term 1 Invasion Games

I can play small sided games in a variety of sports

Invasion Games

I can use basketball skills to pass to a nominated player in an end zone to score


I can solve problems as part of a team and navigate around the school site.

Invasion Games

I can score points by using attacking skills to score goals. I can prevent other from scoring by using defensive skills.


I can watch others play a game and officiate it, stopping the game when rules have been broken.


I can make decisions and solve problems as part of a team.

Term 2 Dance

I can choreograph and perform a dance based on a topic showing a change in dynamics and transitions.


I can work in a group to plan and perform a sequence which includes balance, roll, jump and travel.


I can perform a sequence of at least 8 elements on large apparatus, including taking my weight on hands.


I can choreograph and perform a dance using a range of stimuli and music.


I can choreograph a short floor sequence in a group using at least 2 pieces of equipment from a ball, ribbon or hoop.


I can set myself a fitness challenge and develop a training plan to achieve it.

Term 3 Net Games

I can play a 1 v 1 game using tennis skills in which I hit the ball over a line or net.


I can throw a range of equipment using three different techniques. I can combine three types of jump to travel as far as possible.

Striking and Fielding Games

I can hit the ball towards a target area, running to beat the fielding team to the stumping bases.

Net Games

I can play a 1v1 or 2v2 game and throw or hit my ball into my opponent’s court, hitting a target area to score points.


I can improve my results from last years running, jumping and throwing events and record my new personal best scores.

Target Game

I can use golf skills to strike a ball and hit a target at short or long distance or land in a scoring zone to score the most points possible.

Religious Education

Term 1 Know some of the ways in which Jesus shapes how Christians think and act. Know about some of the signs and symbols associated with seasons and festivals.
Term 2 Know some of the stories important to Hindus. Know how some stories affect Hindu belief and practice.
Term 3 Know where to find stories in the Torah and how these stories affect Jewish belief and practice.