Term 1 Writing recounts
Letter writing
Evaluating our writing to improve it
Using relative clauses
Using adverbials to link paragraphs
Using text to find answers
Term 2 Writing a story for a specific audience
Writing poetry
Making tenses agree
Proof reading to check tenses are consistent
Fact and fiction
Term 3 Developing a likeable character
Using vocabulary to create an effect
Using tenses consistently
Writing a newspaper report
Changing adjectives into verbs


Term 1 Place value and addition
Decimals, addition and money
Properties of shape
Multiplication, division and fractions
Place value and multiplication
Multiplication and division
Place value, decimals and subtraction
Addition, subtraction and multiplication
Term 2 Place value
Addition and subtraction
Place value and addition
Co-ordinates and line graphs
Multiplication and division
Fractions and decimals
Place value and subtraction
Perimeter, area and volume
Number and place value
Addition and subtraction
Term 3 Number and place value
Place value and decimals
Multiplication, division and percentages
Angles and polygons
Fractions and subtraction
Multiplication and division
Time and data
Place value and subtraction
Multiplication and fractions


Term 1 Living things and their habitats – describe the differences in the life cycle of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.
Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.
Animals including humans – Describe the changes as humans develop to old age.
Term 2 Properties and changes to materials
States of matter
Term 3 Light


Term 1 Historical maps of the United Kingdom
Term 2 Land use; food origin; Geographical skills and fieldwork, Map work, Climate
Term 3 Locating physical features.


Term 1 The Tudors.The changing power of the monarchs
Term 2 N/A
Term 3 Significant individuals – Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton; 1960’s space race.


Term 1 Tudor Portraits
Term 2 Botanical drawing and painting.
Term 3 Printing; Design

Design and Technology

Term 1  Making and designing a Tudor house
Term 2 Cooking and nutrition; making planters; making structures for growing plants.
Term 3 Primary Engineer project

Physical Education

Term 1 Invasion Games

I can use various skills to outwit an opponent in a 5v3 or a 5v4 game.

Invasion Games

I can play a range of games showing good knowledge of the rules when playing.


I can work effectively in a team, knowing team members strengths and weaknesses in order to carry out tasks successfully.

Invasion Games

I can beat an opponent and demonstrate a range of attacking and defensive tactics.


I can create a game including the workspace, scoring system and play rules and lead a small group of people to play it.


I can apply different strategies to different courses, completing time trials and picture trails as part of a team.

Term 2 Dance

I can choreograph a dance in a small group, including 3 different sections showing a contrast in movements and moods.


I can work with a partner or small group to create a short sequence including the combination of asymmetrical shapes and balances and symmetrical rolls and jumps.


I can create a sequence with a partner using a piece of equipment of choice (hoop, ball, ribbon) ensuring I include some matching and mirroring in the performance.


I can choreograph a dance on a given topic showing the use of weight transfer, space and rhythm.


I can create a sequence with a partner which includes the use of at least 2 levels incorporating floor movements and apparatus work.


I can complete a number of exercises and discuss the benefits of each, and create a fitness circuit in pairs.

Term 3 Striking and Fielding Games

I can work as part of a team using throwing, catching and hitting skills and tactics to defeat an opposing team.

Net Games

I can use a range of shots to move my opponent around a court and score against them.


I can compete against others in running, jumping and throwing events as an individual and as a team in a relay run.

Target game

I can use a range of shots in order to score points.

Net Games

I can work collaboratively with others in a game, choosing an appropriate start method and score system.


I can measure and record my own and others results for throwing, jumping and running and suggest how to improve these results.

Religious Education

Term 1 Autumn 1: Christianity: Communities

Autumn 2: Christianity: Festivals and Celebrations

Term 2 Spring 1: Hinduism: Gods and other beliefs

Spring 2: Christianity: Jesus

Term 3 Summer 1: Islam: Founders and Leaders

Summer 2: Judaism: Gods and other beliefs