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We aim to provide for our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development as a core part of our personal development offer. We root our curriculum and work in our Core Values and explicitly teach these to children and reference them through the taught curriculum.

Our key mechanisms for delivering SMSC are:

  • Weekly Assemblies linked to the school’s Core Values and community focus
  • Explicit teaching through a range of subjects including PSHE, RE, languages and the arts
  • Our Thrive approach to pupils’ social and emotional development
  • Opportunities to celebrate national and global events and festivals
  • A dedicated focus on teaching children the value of diversity and equality and improve their knowledge of the Equality Act
  • We provide for our pupils’ spiritual development through:
  • Teaching children about and to have respect for different faiths and world views in PSHE, RE and elsewhere in the curriculum
  • Encouraging children to use their imagination and creativity in their learning
  • Building a personal resonance for children between their learning and their lives, improving their ability to reflect wisely and connect to the world around them

We provide for our pupils’ moral development through:

  • Explicitly teaching children the difference between right and wrong through PSHE and RE lessons
  • Helping children understand cause and effect through the curriculum and our Thrive provision
  • Teaching children about the rule of law and how this applies to them
  • Promoting the Core Values of Respect and Equality

We provide for our pupils’ social development through:

  • Explicitly teaching social skills through our RSE curriculum and PSHE lessons
  • Encouraging children to help one another and building opportunities to volunteers participate and work together in and out of the classroom
  • Using a Thrive approach to teach children how to navigate and successfully resolve conflict

We provide for our pupils’ cultural development through:

  • Dedicated curriculum time to explicitly teaching around the five fundamental British Values including tolerance and respect for others
  • Building cultural capital by explicit teaching of cultural concepts through our languages, music, art and RE curriculum models
  • Providing opportunities for cultural and artistic expression through our extracurricular offer, continuous provision in Early Years and outdoor provision in KS1 and KS2