Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is a key part of our curriculum offer. It is informed by several guiding documents including;
  • Sex and Relationships Education (Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, July 2000),
  • SRE supplementary guidance ( Sex Education Forum/ PSHE Association, March2014)
  • Preventing and tackling bullying (Preventing and Tackling Bullying: Advice for headteachers, staff and governing bodies, July 2013),
  • Drug and Alcohol Education (DfE and ACPO drug advice for schools: Advice for local authorities, headteachers, school staff and governing bodies, September 2012),
  • Safeguarding (Working Together to Safeguard Children: A guide to interagency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, March 2013)
  • Equality (Equality Act 2010: Advice for school leaders, school staff, governing bodies and local authorities, revised February 2013).
PSHE at Central Primary School is structured around developing the “whole child”, including their social skills, emotional literacy and their knowledge and understanding of risk.
We follow the Jigsaw PSHE Scheme to do this and adapt it regularly to suit the needs of our children and the Ashington community. If you’d like to discuss this provision, please contact Mr Spence.