March 2019

Engineer interviews
As part of their work towards the Engineer Leaders Award, some of our KS2 children have taken part in a live presentation and Skype interview with Materials Engineer and BBC presenter Mark Miodowni.  The children watched a live presentation from the expert, on the role that engineering has in solving the problem of waste plastic. They also discovered why plastic was originally invented, that many plastics are very harmful to the environment and also how some plastics are essential to our everyday lives. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and impressed the engineer with some excellent interview questions.
Engineer Leaders Award 2019
All of our KS2 children have entered the national Engineer Leaders Award. The prestigious engineering and entrepreneurial competition which is funded by the Reece foundation, asks children to answer the question ‘if you were an engineer, what would you do?’. Children used all of their ‘Skills for Life’ to create unique inventions that will help to solve problems in the real world.  Children also wrote formal letters to the engineer judges to accompany their invention design drawings. Good luck to all our children in the competition!

October 2018

A number of our KS2 children have taken part in Royal Navy themed, marine engineering workshops. Children worked with Sally the marine engineer from the Marine Society, to carry out practical investigations into the principles of marine engineering. Children then used all of their engineering know how and ‘Skills for Life’, to work in teams to build ships capable of transporting humanitarian aid to disaster hit countries.

September 2018

NASA interview
Some of our Key Stage 2 children have taken part in a live Skype interview with current NASA astronaut Sunita Williams. Sunita is a veteran of two space missions. The children were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a live presentation from Sunita and then take part in an interview session. A fantastic experience for them all!

July 2018

Year 6 Automated Cars
Children in Year 6 have been designing and building self-driving, obstacle-avoiding vehicles.
The children have also demonstrated these vehicles to a range of employers during our ‘World of Work’ day. The demonstration was accompanied by a video advert and a presentation in the style of the Dragons’ Den. All of the children involved managed to get investment in their companies. Well done year 6!
‘World of Work’ day
As part of our ‘World of Work’ day’, some of our children have taken part in ‘Career Speed Dating’ sessions. Children have been interviewing a range of employers and business ambassadors such as engineers, HMRC, life coaches, university ambassadors, NCC, administration officers and international case workers.
Primary Engineer Regional Final

Last week, pupils from Central and Bothal Primary attended the Primary Engineer North East Regional Finals together. The KS2 children have been using all their engineering skills to build wooden, mechanised vehicles with electric motors to compete in ramp, speed and straight line tests.