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Civic head praises Central children for award-winning window display

Children at Central Primary helped Ashington show its national pride with an award-winning St George’s Day high street window display.

The pupils’ colourful artwork, which filled the Baldy Butcher’s shop window on Hawthorn Road for the St George’s Day parade last weekend, was admired by hundreds who turned up to the town’s main street for the community event.

The Baldy Butcher's window display by Central Primary School pupils

Ashington Town Council was delighted with the response to the window display competition, and the Baldy Butcher was awarded third place.

Civic Head Councillor Victor Bridges said: “The windows this year were brilliant, and the show of community has been so nice to see. A huge well done and a giant thank you from us at Ashington Town Council for all involved in this stellar display of community.

“In third place was The Baldy Butcher’s excellent community effort. They contacted the local schools and asked for the children to design and draw their display for St George. The children delivered to the highest standard, and The Baldy Butcher proudly displayed their art on their window for all to see.

“A huge thank you to the children and the teachers at Central Primary School for their participation. The windows displayed this year were some of the best we’ve ever seen, especially for St George’s Day and we thank everyone who put together a display this year for the celebrations.”

The overall winner was The Little Tea Room on Lintonville Terrace, whose mural to St George in the style of 18th century English art depicts the two owners on either side, and St George on his trusty steed, rearing up to slay the dragon.

Coming in second was Tony Joshua Couture, also on Lintonville Terrace, with a stunning display of garments and a gorgeous backdrop to tie it all together. Going with the theme of garments, which is what Tony is locally famous for, he put together a very strong contender for the Sainthood of the window competition.