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The physical education curriculum at ALP trust is designed to provide all pupils with the knowledge and skills to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. Progression through Knowledge, Skills and Understanding Passports provide a pathway towards living fulfilling lives and contributing to society.

Our learners experience a high quality curriculum that inspires them to succeed and excel in physically demanding activities and competitive sport. Our learners are encouraged to be ‘Healthy Citizens’, engaging in activities that build their character, support their physical and mental health as well as embedding the Core Values and Skills for Life. Pupils develop a sound knowledge of fundamental skills and are able to apply these skills into competitive situations as well as developing teamwork and collaboration.

The physical education curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build upon what has been taught before, working towards defined end-points in the form of a core task. Engaging activities provide a hook for each core task and there are close links with the extra-curricular programme on offer. Units of work allow pupils to learn about local, national and global individuals who provide an inspiration to others through their chosen sport. There is a clear focus on building subject specific vocabulary through the attached language plans. Subject knowledge is intertwined throughout the curriculum in order to promote the transfer of knowledge into long term memory in order to develop more confident and competent performers.

In EYFS and KS1 the curriculum focuses on fundamental skills which develops agility, balance and coordination and the application of these skills into a broad range of activities. There are opportunities built into the curriculum in order for learners to experience both competitive and cooperative physical activities in increasingly challenging situations. In KS2 the curriculum focuses on the application and development of a broader range of fundamental skills and using them in different ways in order to make actions and sequences of movement. There is a focus on communication and collaboration which allows learners to develop an understanding of how to improve, evaluate and recognise their own success and the success of others